On Disruption

An ongoing research project of mine is the attempt to investigate, through video, the interconnections between landscapes, people and power.

Power is constructive and destructive of landscapes and identity. Power also frequently operates through discourses. The island of Rum has been subject to the operation of different forms of such power. At different times, legal discourse and scientific discourses have enabled and justified interventions into family and social life and the physicality of the island. Video footage of the island landscape reveals the traces of these interventions but such video activity is creative, not simply representational.

Disruption One consists of two video files. The first depicts the ruins of a settlement at Kilmory in the north of Rum and the second is an excerpt from an 18th Century text describing the life in such settlements. Sections of code from each file have been swapped between files in order to effect disruptions. The creative materiality of the video footage is manifest and text and landscape are no longer distinct.

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