On eating at 6 frames per second

For the past few months I’ve been reading. Reading serious stuff seriously. I’ve not touched my camera or edited a single piece of video.

This had to change.

And so, today I decided to experiment. I have some new LED lights and wanted to use them. Also, I have been wondering, off and on, how to achieve the kind of staccato movement with video that you see in many of the Czech filmmaker Jan Svankmajer’s films. In particular, I love the way this effect is used in his short film, “Food”1.

My Sony FS100 video camera will record at various frames per second and so I asked my wife to make her dinner, I put up the lights, set the camera to record at 6 frames per second, recorded audio in real time and then edited everything together.

Not only did I get to test everything, I made a public information film too. (Second in an occasional series.)


1. Which you can see here:

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