On Awards and Other Films

Last week I was in Bucharest where my film, Waiting, won an award for Best Experimental Film (ex aequo) at the International Film Festival of Documentary, Art, Ecology and Tourism (IFFEST Document.Art 2014). This made me very happy, of course.

What also made me very happy was getting the chance to sit and watch some really great films and meet some extremely talented film makers. The following three filmmakers also won awards for their work.

Guillermo G Peydro, a Spanish Filmmaker, was there with his film, The Imaginary Garden, a wonderful film-essay centred around the story of a Spanish farmer who spontaneously started making statues when he retired. Over the next 20 years, until his death, he built 400 sculptures in his garden telling the story of the world in 21 chapters. You can see the trailer here.

Polish filmmaker Maciej Glowinski showed his film, Rybaczymy, or for non-Poles, Fish R Us. Maciej spent 18 months living with a small community of Polish fishermen on the Baltic coast and the resulting film is a beautifully shot study of family and community life in a harsh environment. The trailer is here.

Finally, Sicilian filmmaker Lidia Rizzo showed her gorgeous and fascinating film about a lost Sicilian wine, Zucco: The Wine of the Son of the King of the French.

Sadly, you can’t see these films on the internet (yet). Which is one more reason to get to a film festival, like the Aesthetica Short Film Festival in York, started in November.

Now I just need to make another film…

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